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Catering Menu


(Oversized steamed pierogies. Minimum order of 25 for $70. $2 for each additional)


Classic Potato & Onion: Sautéed onions with mashed potatoes.

Classic Sautéed Cabbage: Sautéed sour cabbage, fresh cabbage, and onions.

Cheesesteak: sauteed steak, sweet peppers and onions, with melted shredded cheese.

Angry Crab: Filled with spicy ricotta cheese and imitation crab.


Classic Sweet Cheese: Filled with sweetened farmer’s cheese.

Cherry: Filled with sweet and sour cherries.

Signature Blintz Wraps

(12” blintzes wrapped with the following fillings. Minimum order of 10 for $60. $5 for each additional)


“The Philadelphia”: Sauteed steak, sweet peppers, and onions, with melted shredded cheese.

“The Englishman”: Wrapped with beer-battered cod, fries, coleslaw, and tartar sauce.

“The Portabella”: Portobello mushrooms sauteed in a sour cream mascarpone sauce.

“The Italiano”: Crispy breaded chicken breast, melted cheese, and marinara from scratch.

“The Seaside”: Deli-style tuna salad with onions, dill, relish, and celery.

Dessert & Breakfast

“Peaches N Cream”: Wrapped with Cannoli cream and peaches. Topped with dulce de leche and crushed Oreos.

Classic Sweet Cheese & Jam: Filled with sweetened farmer’s cheese and homemade jam.

Create your own: Choose between Fillings: Peaches, Cannoli Cream, Sweet Cheese, Jam, and Sweet & Sour Cherries. Toppings: Dulce de Leche, Sour Cream, Oreos.

Breakfast Hollandaise Eggs: Wrapped with scrambled eggs and hollandaise sauce. (Add bacon: $2 per wrap) (Add melted cheese: $1 per wrap)

Breakfast Cream Cheese & Lox (10 blintz wraps for $80, $6 for each additional): Wrapped with whipped cream cheese and Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon.

Soups, Sides, and Extras

Customized Fries

½ Pan, Plain – for approx. 4 people: $25

Full Pan, Plain – for approx. 8 people: $45

Add Nacho Cheese ½ Pan: $10, Full Pan: $20

Add Melted Shredded Cheese ½ Pan: $12, Full Pan: $24

Top w/ a Protein Steak, Creamy Mushrooms, Cod, Crispy Chicken - ½ Pan: $25, Full Pan: $50

Loaded Fries

Nacho cheese, Shredded cheese, your choice of a protein, pickled veggies and jalapenos. Topped with our special sauce and scallions.

½ Pan: $55
Full Pan: $95


60 oz – for approx. 5 people: $25 ($25 per additional 60 ounces)

All Beef Corndogs

Made with an in-house beer batter.

5 Corndogs: $25
10 Corndogs: $45 $4 ea. After 10

Stir-Fried Buckwheat

Stir-fried with onions and butter.

½ Pan for approx. 5 people: $30

Full Pan for approx. 10 people: $55

“Angry” Crab Rangoon

Spicy ricotta cheese and imitation crab wrapped in crispy dough wrappers

20 pieces: $45

50 pieces: $90

Side of Slaw

Homemade slaw

½ Pan for approx. 5 people: $20
Full Pan for approx. 10 people: $35

Stack of Blintz

A stack of our blintzes. Perfect when plain and warm or with toppings and fillings!

Stack of 20: $40
Stack of 50: $90

Please order at least 24 hours prior to your special occasion!

All catering orders are delivered in paper or aluminum containers and held in insulated delivery boxes.

Manhattan: $50. Queens: $70. Brooklyn: $80. Orders above $300 are delivered free of charge within an 8-mile radius. Please inquire for orders outside of the listed areas.

Minimum Order: $100